North Detroit Vindicators

Mr. Bird

Old Man Whimbley

We headed to Old Man Whimbley’s place, and started toward the field. We were greeted by Old Man Whimbley himself, and his shotgun. After managing to avoid getting shot at, he took us out to the crash site. The plane records showed the maintenance was good. Whimbley had witnessed the crash. He thought he saw a gremlin climbing on and around the craft. Said it was human sized, had wings, and was going after the pilot. He saw it crawling on the wing and Skyburner tasseling with it. The creature disappeared before he got here, and Skyburner was gone too. It happened the afternoon of Sept. 15, around 4 pm.

Lloyd Semple

It’s 4 pm, Sept 25th.

We headed to the Land & Sea plant. Jennifer was working the front desk — she was related by marriage to the family that owned the plant. She said they had to stop giving tours, due to a problem with their equipment. Some non-chicken meat was found in the vats, only in one of the two lines. We left briefly, and returned just after closing time.

As we poked around, Slipstick saw a car getting loaded into a truck, and a suit (maybe the boss) closed the truck off, and crumpled and threw something away. Slipstick clumsily jumped onto the truck, and started going in the back. Inside the cargo box was a Cadillac DST, no license plate, made in Hamtramck. Lloyd Semple’s briefcase was in the trunk. In it was some letterhead for Gross Point Farms and National Audubon Society. He was apparently the vice chair of the Audit and Ethics Committee for the National Audubon Society. He was also the dean of the Univ. of N.D. Mercy Law School. There were also papers on birds — a glossy on the Detroit Zoological Society and Semple’s work. He was referred to as Mr. Conservatory, and Mr. Bird.

Slipstick ripped apart the car and didn’t find anything. As the truck was driving away, he climbed forward along the top of the cargo box. When he got to the front of the box, he sprayed some acid on the hood, and the driver immediately stopped the truck. He made a call to what seemed like his boss, demanded another truck, and said to the voice on the phone that he didn’t care if he was boss, he knew everything about him. Slipstick jumped down, and grabbed the driver’s cell phone. The driver didn’t want anything to do with this mess, and Slipstick let him go. Slipstick grabbed the VIN of the Cadillac, grabbed the briefcase, dialled 911 with the driver’s cell phone, left the phone in the Cadillac, and headed back to the plant. He found what the suit crumpled to be the license plate of the Cadillac. It was a special bird plate, with the National Audubon Society holder still on the plate. Slipstick wrote down the plate number.

Milton Varney

We continued looking through the plant. Gumbunny and Onkyo followed the suit, who turned out to be Milton Varney, the president of Land & Sea. Another office nearby was that of Jason Torvock, the vice president of Land & Sea. In Varney’s office was a picture with Varney shaking hands with the mayor of North Detroit, and Vandam and Michael Jackson were also in the photo. Also in the office was Varney, stacking cash into a Goldie’s Gym duffle bag.

We found the security system, and saw Varney leaving with the duffle bag in a Buick Le Sarne, license plate YTA-438. Slipstick sprayed acid all over the security system, destroying it, and the North Detroit Vindicators left the plant to return to the truck that carried the Cadillac.

The truck was on fire. Someone had thrown a flame inside. Gumbunny threw a little ball and suffocated the fire in a matter of seconds. The Cadillac was still there. The police had arrived, and the officer on the scene thought it was strange to be in a refrigeration truck.

Gross Point Farms

Looking back through the briefcase, we found Lloyd Semple’s address at Gross Point Farms. He’s also a retired partner from Dykema Gosset Law Firm. We went to Semple’s house, and someone was breaking in. Inside was a giant white creature, seven feet tall, with a single ivory colored horn.


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