North Detroit Vindicators

North Detroit Needs a Hero

Two weeks have passed since the arrest of Matt Vandam. We all had gone to our homes after the incident at the hotel, and gave each other our cell phone numbers. There had been an inquiry into Vanguard by the State of Michigan, especially with Vandam being so high profile. The police stats show a steady increase in crime in North Detroit with the Vanguard being effectively shut down. Millenium City is still doing well though, seeing how the Champions operate there.

Sgt. Cathleen McCullough called Slipstick, asking to set up a discreet meeting with the other heroes in our group at City Hall with the Mayor at 1:00 pm. Slipstick called Gumbunny, and joined her and Onkyo at the studio (Slipstick showed up in costume).

Later, at City Hall (we showed up in Slipstick’s car), officer Wirly was waiting for us. He took us to a dusty, apparently unused, meeting room. McCullough was sorry for the mess, and went to get the cleaning staff when the Mayor entered.

The Mayor informed us the crime rate is worse than reported. Kidnappings are especially high. He is concerned about October 30th, “Devil’s Night,” and would like our help with dealing with the crimes. The reason for the secrecy of the meeting is because of the age of Onkyo and Gumbunny (Onkyo and Gumbunny both stated in the meeting they were minors) — he can’t officially offer work, but he is able to provide money, a place for us to meet, and equipment. Sgt. McCullough will serve as our liaison to the police department. The Mayor would also like to arrange for us to train with Primus.

McCullough returned with a manila folder.

The Mayor specifically wants help with the kidnappings. There haven’t typically been any ransoms. The first crime was against Angelika & Victoria Resnic. Both were well known rhythmic gymnasts, identical twins, and trained by Anita Anderson. The coach was the last to see them as they were going into the locker room. He heard a crash, ran in to see, and there was a huge pointed dent in the lockers, and the girls were gone. That happened Monday, Sept. 13, 2010. Four coaches were outside, chatting, and none of them saw anything. An entire row of lockers was knocked down. Forensics revealed there were microscopic flakes of ivory in the dented area. There should have been a security guard on duty at the time, but he apparently wasn’t in the building when the girls went missing. The gym has soccer, a new pool, gymnastics area, full workout gym, and they take private memberships.

The second victim was John “Skyburner” Bambenoli, a famous stunt pilot in North Detroit. He would perform at all the festivals and the homecoming of Univ. of N.D. Mercy (Skyburner’s alma mater). On Sept. 15, he was crop dusting, and crash-landed in a small cow pond in a field. Some farmers witnessed it. The police have take-off details from the airport. They fished and dredged the plane, and Skyburner was gone.

The third major kidnapping was Wade Fitzroy of the Millenium City Red Wings, and occurred on Sept. 19, as he was visiting friends at Frothy’s in North Detroit (not the friendliest establishment). He was last seen at 2:00 am, going back to his condo in Millenium City. The police are keeping it quiet for now. He was found two days later in a ravine just at the edge of North Detroit. We later found out that Wade used to go to the same facility as the gymnasts.

All victims were athletic and famous, and there were no ransoms.

Sgt. McCullough suggested we might want Marcia Barnstable to help us get some publicity.

We agreed to help the Mayor, and headed out to the impound lot. On our way there, we decided we needed a name. The criminals in North Detroit needed to know they couldn’t keep running rampant, and there is a force that will stop them if they try. So, from here on out, we are:

The North Detroit Vindicators

At the impount lot, we found the seat belt in Wade Fitzroy’s car wasn’t buckled. There were no obvious signs of tampering. We found a feather in the hatch. The car is about one month old.

We called Marcia Barnstable, and told her Wade Fitzroy’s car was in the impound, who we were, and asked her to look into Wade and mention us. She agreed.

Then we went to Skyburner’s hangar. An insurance agent, Jason, was doing inventory for an estate auction. Skyburner had no family. We left for a little while, then went back. The agent had left by now, so we broke in, and found regular gym appointments, including Sept. 15th. Skyburner was in the Air Force for a few years before crop dusting. The plane crashed at Old Man Whimbley’s place. There was going to be a jet coming in later, but it wasn’t as busy as before. While we poked around, a security guard came in, so we all scrambled to hide. Turns out he just wanted to grab a soda pop (in a glass bottle). Onkyo decided to follow him, and she overheard a news story about the Land & Sea poultry processing plant, in Hamtramck, MI. The chicken nuggets apparently had vulture DNA mixed in with the chicken DNA. The plant is not far from the hangar.


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