North Detroit Vindicators

White Rhino

We arrived at Lloyd Semple’s home. It was raining, and we were parked in Slipstick’s car on the street. Gumbunny and Onkyo went to check the back and roof of the house. They heard someone breaking in, and peered inside to see. It was the White Rhino creature, seven feet tall, as wide if not wider, with a foot-long ivory horn protruding from its brow, and just plain massive.

It was demanding that Mrs. Semple give up her husband’s research papers. As Mrs. Semple started upstairs, Gumbunny called Slipstick with her cell, and explained what was happening. Slipstick rushed to join them, but not before Onkyo and Gumbunny engaged the creature. Onkyo took a head-on blow from the thing, knocking her clear through a picture window on the front of the house, and clear out of consciousness.

Gumbunny ran to hide, and started exploring her gumball options. Slipstick arrived through the front door that had fortuitously opened, and immediately sprayed a 4m radius beneath the White Rhino with a frictionless coating. The Rhino fell almost instantly, and couldn’t manage to stand back up. Meanwhile, Gumbunny threw some balls that seemed to make it even harder for the Rhino to get his bearings.

Slipstick reprogrammed his suit, and started shooting a burning acid at the Rhino, with what seemed to be little effect at first. Onkyo then took all the sound out of the room, deafening the Rhino and heroes alike. She then went after Mrs. Semple, while Slipstick continued pounding on the creature. He pressed on with the acid, while Gumbunny managed to throw some more balls and the heroes seemed to start gaining the advantage.

Soon, the Rhino realized he couldn’t stand, and started feeling around for whatever he could find. He found some of Gumbunny’s balls that hadn’t exploded, and threw them at Slipstick. The first one hit, but Slipstick wasn’t seriously hurt. The rest of the balls missed, the Rhino’s poor aim due to his lack of footing.

Gumbunny had by this time gone outside, presumably to check on Onkyo. She saw that the Millenium City police had arrived, and impeded them from entering the house. They saw her as a child interfering with their job, and threatened to arrest her if she kept it up, which she did. She put one of them in a cage, but the other three officers eventually made it to the back door.

Just as they entered, Slipstick fired another shot that stunned the Rhino long enough for the police to restrain him, with help from some Primus cuffs.

Lt. Andersen agreed to contact McCullough regarding the forensics from the ivory tusk.

Mrs. Semple was very grateful for our help, and that we managed to do relatively little damage to the place, considering the enormity of the monster that threatened her. She told us that her husband was on an African Safari, and is set to arrive on Flight 832 at 2:35 p.m., tomorrow. She was unable to reach Lloyd since early September. The whole trip was paid for by an anonymous donor. He was in a real remote place in Africa.

We spoke to McCullough. She wants to see Semple’s research. We’ll head back to talk to the wife after the police leave, then we agreed to meet McCullough at Semple’s office. She’s sending a squad there to meet us.


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